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Dynamic DeCuerdas Eskrima is one of the deadliest close-in blade fighting systems in the world. The true system was kept secret and handed down family to family. The late Grandmaster Tenio openly taught a mixture of 19 Eskrima systems while keeping the core of the teachings secret.
Master Tenio passed down the true teachings to Master Richard Van Donk who is now revealing the art of DeCuerdas Eskrima in a step by step, level by level teaching format that is done both in a direct how-to instruction and also shown in a dojo setting. These teachings are now available as an Eskrima Home Study Course which encompasses Levels 1-4 of the 7 levels of our art.

Very hard work and an in-depth study of the material in this distant learning course will take you to Level 4 BlackBelt (this test will be in person). Normally in the past until about 1984 the FMA (Filipino Martial Arts Association) did not give belt style rankings as they do in other Asian martial arts and only titles given by your master signified your ability to others in the family. GrandMaster Tenio broke that tradition when he gave Richard Van Donk his black belt in 1984. So Richard has decided to continue what his teacher did with him and use a belt system of ranking.

But this Dynamic DeCuerdas Course does something more than give you a grade. It gets you centered in your body. It gets you grounded. It teaches you to be patient. It teaches you to quickly counter. It teaches you speed of attack and defense. It teaches you how to be more efficient – that less is more. It teaches you confidence beyond a punching, kicking or grappling style – Why? Because when you can get comfortable with flying stick and knife attacks coming at you from all angles then a punch seems like nothing. It teaches you self worth and to have less fear. Knowing that I can defend myself and family is priceless.

You can earn your Black Belt too with this step-by-step training course. Ranks are realistic and are very hard earned. They are not guaranteed. We are about learning the art and not about grades even though we award them and congratulate those that earn them.

NOW IT IS ALL ONLINE IN A STUDY PORTAL!!! View the training on your Computer, or use the phone tablet APP. Study Anywhere at Anytime!! PLUS you get the Physical 400+ page Binder mailed to you. Eskrima at your fingertips.

You get about 4 years of study material for less than $7 a month average.

No matter what martial art you study, I don’t care what it is, Ninjutsu, Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Tae Kwon Do, etc., etc. If you do not learn how to handle or defend against sticks and knife attacks your training has some deep limitations. Knives and sticks are everywhere

And, If you do know how to handle and defend against sticks and knife attacks, you have an ace in the hole. And having an Ace in the hole is a great feeling, isn’t it?

Get the Entire COMPLETE ESKRIMA Course ALL ONLINE and a 400+ page training manual Sent to you in the mail for Only $397 . Only $347-
We also have a DVD option.

Brief Description of your Dynamic DeCuerdas Eskrima Home Study Training Course:

LEVEL ONE – Yellow Belt 2 DVD SET

DISK 1 – Intro to Eskrima, Weapons we train with explained, Energizing warms ups, Ready, Attention, Fighting and Salute Positions, How to hold the weapons, Secondary defenses, Twirling the stick, Striking and Cutting styles and Basic Strikes #1-5.

DISK 2 Yellow Belt with Stripe-  9 Angles of Attack, 5 Distances, House Blocking System and drills, Punching Styles, Passing, V-Movement Patterns and in class teachings. Philosophy.

2 DVD Set 2hrs #DVD401

LEVEL TWO – Green Belt 2 DVD SET

DISK 1– Serrada stick strikes #6-#12, Long arc strikes, Using Arko(twirl of the stick, Abanico strikes #1-3,Single stick versus single stick inside & outside basics, Single stick #1-12 freestyle alternating strikes and blocking, Body Strikes-Palms.

DISK 2Green Belt with Stripe- DeCuerdas kicks, Empty hand sensitivity drills, Covering-Tappon & Sacuppo, Knife and Stick Passing, Using Body Defense Levels #1-5, Hand Blocking, DeCuerdas multi-hand flow drills, Single stick empty hand disarms of strikes #1-#5

2 DVD’s 2hrs #DVD402

LEVEL THREE- Brown Belt 2 DVDs

Disk 1 – Falling Skills, Basics Forward and Backwards, DeCuerdas joint locking – Basics, DeCuerdas Basic Throwing and Takedowns, Basic Grappling, Flow Touch Return – Checking, Stopping Strikes 1-9, Double Stick Blocking System, Double Stick 1-5 DeCuerdas Striking.

Disk 2Brown Belt with Stripe- Short Arc Strikes, Long Range Blade Cutting, Pictos, Oraves basics– Single Blade, Knife Disarm Flow Drill –Riding the Wave, Stick to Stick Disarms, Stick to Stick Drills, Abanico Defenses, Perfecting your practice

2 DVD Set 2hrs #DVD403


Disk 1– Teachings by Master Van Donk, Double Stick Principles, Double 6-12 Blocking, Espada y Dagga, Pictos- Double Trouble, Peck Peck Power, Oraves- Double Blade, Fighting from the ground, Long Staff Basic Strikes, Long Staff Defense Drill, Abaniko Fight Finishes

Disk 2– Teachings by Master Van Donk, Dagga Basics, Defenses & Disarms, Dagga Hand Dynamics, Jailing / Trapping, Disarm Flow Drill, Espada y Dagga Drill, DeCuerdas Cord Basics, Pattern Flow Drill, Pass, Trap, Hit, Teaching Tip, Grounding Yourself, BlackBelt Test & Award Ceremony

2 DVD Set 2hrs #DVD403

with Grandmaster Gilbert Tenio and Master Richard Van Donk.

De Cuerdas is one of the deadliest close- in blade fighting systems in the world. Striking, blocking, and cutting systems are covered in detail with one & two sticks (blade). Learn to disarm knife attacks and handle multiple attackers. The true system was kept secret and handed down family to family. This is the only video of the late Grandmaster Tenio teaching De Cuerdas Eskrima available anywhere. Filmed at a live seminar taught by Grandmaster Gilbert Tenio and Master Richard Van Donk. The late Grandmaster Tenio studied martial arts for 69 years under 19 different Eskrima masters. He was a teacher to Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Danny Inosanto, Wally Jay, Master Van Donk and many more.
2 DVD set 1 hour each #DVD401

With the Dynamic DeCuerdas Course comes an opportunity to test for belt ranks and later instructor status in DeCuerdas Eskrima from Busranking_belts2hindo Martial Arts University and signed by GrandMaster Van Donk… Registered Course students can submit video testing (for a fee that includes certification, IF you pass) up to Level Three Brown Belt. NO rank is guaranteed and many are turned back. Written feedback is given with each review whether you pass or fail). We only do this as we feel that students need feedback on thier training and sincere students deserve this opportunity. This testing offer may change at anytime and we will always honor it for those that are already in the program. Besides video feedback testing you can also book a private zoom lesson for testing directly with the Grandmaster (extra fees apply).

Enroll now  in the training normal $397- (Special Only $347- ) investment. If a young couple in Finland can make it to beyond Blackbelt then you can do it. https://www.bushindouniversity.com/decuerdas-eskrima-course

Sign up now while it is on your mind. I have trained in many arts and this one is my ace in the hole!!


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