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In One of The Most Effective Blade & Stick Fighting Systems in the World.

I promised my late teacher GGM Gilbert Tenio that I would not let his DeCuerdas art die. And I WON’T. I am looking for 7 dedicated instructors to carry on this art. I already have five (had six one died) and 2 are getting close. Will YOU BE ONE?

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Dynamic Eskrima ONLINE Course

Study Level by Level or ALL at Once. I have to tell you that you will have to train hard to get your Black Belt with us – but when you do you will be skilled and confident with knives and sticks which is much more important than rank, isn’t it? And who wants a fake Black Belt certificate anyway? What good will a piece of paper do you if you don’t have the skill to back it up?

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Dynamic Eskrima BINDER Course

You get ALL the multi-year training in a cool Binder which includes:

TEN DVDs – 1 hour each – strategic sequenced learning
– DeCuerdas BlackBelt 450 page
picture instruction training manual.
– Embroidered uniform patch
– Bushindo Student Testing Registration

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