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rdvflames2[1]We are looking for 7 dedicated students to teach and pass on this art to. Grandmaster Richard Van Donk promised his teacher that he would not let his Filipino art die. As silly as it may seem, the true Filipino arts are actually rarer in the Philippines than they are in the United States. They mostly have been phased out by Judo, Tae Kwon do and Karate except for a few clubs.

We are now being asked by high level people to come to the Philippines and teach what we know. The late Grandmaster Gilbert Tenio taught parts of his system to the public but like many masters kept his deeper, more effective teachings mostly to himself. The more dedicated the student, the deeper the teachings will be released to them. It is a great and truly exciting and effective system.

The following people are Officially Certified in Dynamic DeCuerdas Eskrima by Grandmaster Richard Van Donk. http://decuerdaseskrima.com/ranki.php#up

If they are not on this list then they are not official. If you read this and you think there is an error then please contact us. If you haven’t already started training, get started now and work your way to the top. You may be that one student the art is looking for.




with Gold tassels


Richard Van Donk - GrandMaster

Guro 1984 / Professorship about 1991


RED Belt
with Gold tassels

Tuhon Master

Linda Van Donk - Professor (Retired)

Master Professor


RED Belt

Professor Master

  • Roman Marquez (3-24-15) - Professor

We are doing our best to carry on the arts of DeCuerdas Eskrima as taught directly to GrandMaster Richard Van Donk by the late great

GrandMaster Gilbert Tenio

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